Ideal Contacting the Spirit of Feng Shui

In a recent workshop in Sedona, our group did a workout while at an 8-sided outdoor gazebo. Taking a look at the form of the gazebo, I was guided to try something new. From the workshops, I teach how to create direct contact with this Spirit of Nature, or device realms. In this workshop, I asked each individual to go toward one of the surfaces of this 8-sided gazebo. Afterward, I asked them to clear their mind of anything previously read or heard about what that side of the trigram they had been standing in represented in feng shui. We then did a simple meditation, and after cantering ourselves every individual in the group encouraged the Being representing their side of the Barua to create contact with them.Feng Shui Consultation

When I tuned into the Consciousness of this area of the Barua where I was, the career position, I was very surprised by what I discovered! There was a really strong Being in this face of the gazebo, very tall and striking, which I was astonished to see. I was taken aback by this as I had underestimated the power of those Beings, having thought of them all these years as diagrams on a piece of paper telling me where to place my wind chimes or mirrors. Each individual then asked the wisdom held by that Being in the face of the Barua they were calling. I wasn’t certain what would happen, but we were only having fun and were really open minded, and that I have found to be the secret to getting these inner realms. After about five minutes of this exercise, we came together and discussed what we heard. To my astonishment, each individual in the group received a message totally tailored for their particular situation.

Even people who claimed that they have Never heard or seen things inwardly received among the first inner messages. Even though the messages were quite unconventional in terms of what the feng shui books would prescribe, a feng shui consultation practitioner in the group shared the way the messages were actually associated with the facets of the Barua that we were calling inwardly. We all received individualized information regarding how that area of the Barua could assist us in our own lives rather than what a feng shui book would say about it. This experience made it clear to Me the Barua of feng shui was anything that had a consciousness. Therefore, it might be accessed for information. Obtaining this understanding directly could take someone past the book learning, and principles of feng shui taught now.